I Wanna Start a Revolution

LOTD 2010.11.19

My third (and hopefully last) at a fashion/SL lifestyle blog.  I’m a skins whore… and hair whore… and prim whore. Well, you get the idea. Anyways… I’ve been in Second Life since December 2007. What was originally a project for my RL job turned into three years of ups and downs in this amazing world. Once I figured out how to get off of Orientation Island, it didn’t take me long to discover the amazing world of fashion that SL has to offer and I was soon wandering the grid rocking the awesome creations of Ginny Talamasca at Last Call, Elika Tiramisu at ETD and a Celestial Studios skin by Starley Therian. Over the past three years, the grid has seen some amazing designers come and go, leaving behind their fashion treasures, which if you’re lucky, you’ve saved a few of their timeless creations. Hair,skins and clothing have come a long way as the designers have honed their talents. It really is an amazing place to be.

SL Likes

  • Shopping (for hair… skins… clothes… shoes… yeah… shopping for pretty much anything lol)
  • Landscaping
  • Estate Management
  • Exploring
  • Photography
  • Special Events
  • Hanging out with friends
  • SL Live Music

SL Dislikes

  • Lag (Umm… hello, who does not dislike lag lol.)
  • Over-sized avatars (Amazon avatars, excessively large boobs/butt/arms/legs)
  • Emaciated avatars (It’s totally okay to have more than 0 body fat, I promise!)
  • Gestures (Use your words people!)
  • The facial emoting attachment that makes avatars smile repeatedly. (Its just plain creepy looking.)
  • People not using the delete scripts option on scripted attachments. (Please, on behalf of all sim owners. Make a copy and delete the script. You cause more lag than you can imagine.)
  • ARC Nazis at special events. (A sim is gonna lag with 50 people on it whether you de-prim or not.)

~ by Caelan Hancroft on November 19, 2010.

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