Take a Ride on the Orient Express

Blue Sky Orient Express Dining Car

Sometimes you just need a little something different.  Maybe you want to plan a special evening or need an interesting photo backdrop.  Whatever the case may be, the Orient Express skybox from Blue Sky is a really neat addition to the vast number of skyboxes in SL.  Luca Python has created this special skybox and for the next week it is on Blue Sky’s lucky board.  The Orient Express skybox features richly textured walls, two cabin cars, a dining car, sounds and animated scenery texture.  The skybox and included furniture total 176 prims, but the furniture is unlinked so you could furnish the skybox as you wish.  The Orient Express skybox is just another way to create a special experience in SL. More pictures and SLurl to follow:

Blue Sky Orient Express Skybox Hall
Blue Sky Orient Express Skybox Car

Orient Express Skybox – Blue Sky

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** All photos are directly from Second Life. No post-processing has been done except for cropping and the addition of a vignette and drop shadow.


~ by Caelan Hancroft on March 9, 2011.

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