FFL Sneak Peek – Nine Stunning Sims

FFL 2011 - Arbus


Today the Fashion for Life sims opened to bloggers and the press.  These NINE sims are absolutely stunning and are as impressive as the creations they house.  Since the theme of the fair is “Beyond Black and White”, the sims are each named after a famous black and white photographer – Arbus, Avedon, Bourke White, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Mapplethorpe, Shulman, Stieglitz and Ansel Adams. The sims are all monochrome and it just really makes for an amazing experience.  So while you’re shopping at the fair, and likely swimming in the lag that inevitably comes with the opening day of an event like this, take a moment and enjoy your surroundings.

FFL 2011 - Avedon


FFL 2011 - Bourke-White

Bourke White

FFL 2011 - Helmut-Newton

Helmut Newton

FFL 2011 - Irving-Penn

Irving Penn

FFL 2011 - Mapplethorpe


FFL 2011 - Shulman


FFL 2011 - Stieglitz


FFL 2011 - AnselAdams

Ansel Adams


~ by Caelan Hancroft on March 11, 2011.

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