Pose Fair 2011 – STaTUS Poses

Pose Fair 2011 - STaTUS

STaTUS, formerly Gesticulate, has a variety of high quality and well priced poses available at Pose Fair.  I was pleasantly surprised with these poses, especially the ones with hands on hips or arms crossed.  My avatar is on the fluffy side and usually these types of poses involve fingers or arms impaling my body.  For the duration of Pose Fair, STaTUS poses are on sale at the fair and their main shop so stock up!

Que 3 – STaTUS
Uvi 4 – STaTUS
Pop 4 – STaTUS
Moon 2 – STaTUS
Glee 1 – STaTUS

Other Credits: Hair – Elikatira; Skin – League; Top – MichaMi; Shorts – Sand Shack Surf Co; Shoes – SoReal

Visit Stores, Designers and SLUrls to locate an item in world.

** Photos are straight from SL and have only been resized and placed in Polaroid frames.


~ by Caelan Hancroft on April 2, 2011.

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