Home Sweet Home


A little bit of a departure from the normal fashion posts… Most of my time in SL this week was spent either working on the blog or redoing my SL home.  I’ve been extremely fortunate in my SL to have called some beautiful places home.  I used to be able to quickly and quite easily fill an entire homestead (3750 prims) and even had an absolutely ridiculous number of prims at my disposal on a full prim region for awhile.  In the past 6 weeks I have downsized dramatically, going from 3750 prims to a mere 673.  When I saw this little country shed at Funky Junk for last week’s Spruce Up Your Space event, I knew I had to have it.   It’s tiny – probably the smallest house that I’ve had in SL, but I love it.  Everything else has fallen into place and I’m left with almost 150 prims free, and a beautiful place to hang out.

Visit Stores, Designers and SLUrls to locate an item in world.


~ by Caelan Hancroft on May 6, 2011.

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  1. […] the beginning of May, I shared two outside photos of my SL home.  I intended to also share some interior photos, but I was never really thrilled with the […]

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