Home Sweet Home Part 2

Home Sweet Home
At the beginning of May, I shared two outside photos of my SL home.  I intended to also share some interior photos, but I was never really thrilled with the furnishings.  Countless attempts later, I’m so happy with the end result and am ready to share. This home is really a departure for me.  I usually veer towards neutral and earthy tones and this was much, much lighter.  I guess you could almost call it shabby chic?

Home Sweet Home

There are a couple of things that I absolutely love about the Lil Country Shed by Funky Junk: the large windows in the roof, the bay window and the porch.  The original design of the shed is awesome but I really wanted to maximize my enjoyment of these features. Originally there was small loft area and ladder.  I removed both of these to completely expose the large window.  I also removed the door scripts from the shed’s double doors so that I had a solid wall for my favorite desk from Cheeky Pea.

Home Sweet Home

The bay window I use to display plants and flowers.  Some of them are higher prim than others, but for me it’s worth the loss in prims because I really enjoy them.  In front of the bay window I added a modified version of a table from the Loft.

Home Sweet Home

The hardest part for me was furniture.  I was really stumped.  And then came along the Amaris Living Room from MudHoney.  This living room set really just fell into place for me and suited the shed’s small space and color palette.  It introduced some of my beloved earth tones and also some brighter tones which really make things pop.

Home Sweet Home

Not too bad for under 500 prims!  And now for some credits…

Lil Country Shed – Funky Junk

Exterior – Porch (Picture 1)
Milk Pail Stool – The Loft; Morrisey Lemon Rocker – Cheeky Pea; Pink Poppies – Organica; Sea Haven Cottage Hanging Flower Bucket – Awesome Blossom; Country Charm Barrel – Interior Addiction; Country Charm Flowerpots & Flowers – Interior Addiction; Country Charm Rake – Interior Addiction; Country Charm Shovel – Interior Addiction; Watering Can – Interior Addiction

Interior – Fireplace Area (Picture 2)
Amaris Fireplace – MudHoney *; In the Shadows – The Loft; Snake Plant – MudHoney *; Mirrors – MudHoney *; Picture Frames – The Loft; Sofia Desk – Cheeky Pea *; Picture Frame (Sea Washed) – Vena Cava

Interior – Bay Window (Picture 3)
Mini Purple Flower – La’Licious; Potted Lady Slippers – The Loft; Aphro Lillies – The Loft; Cactus – The Loft; Potted Daisies – Awesome Blossom; Snake Plant – MudHoney *; Still Waters Flowers – Cheeky Pea; Potted Plant – The Loft; Plant – MudHoney *; Flee Market Finds – The Loft

Interior – Seating (Picture 4)
Amaris Floor Cushion – MudHoney *; Amaris Chair in Gingham – MudHoney *; Amaris Side Table in Seafoam – MudHoney *; Trellis Tray w/ Accessories – MudHoney *; Amaris Cottage Sofa – MudHoney *; Still Waters Art – Cheeky Pea; Amaris Chevron Rug – MudHoney *; Amaris Coffee Table – MudHoney *; Wood Votives – MudHoney *; Amaris Side Table in White – MudHoney *; Oversized Marigold – MudHoney *; Amaris Wood Chair – MudHoney *

* Promotional Copy


~ by Caelan Hancroft on June 23, 2011.

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