Places To Go

This page is meant to be a one-stop place to find many of the locations that I use in my photographs. Given the rate at which sims change in SL, I can’t guarantee the SLurls or descriptions to be 100% accurate.

Crossing Currents – a gorgeous tropical beach with lots of sand and surf.

Oubliette – This sim changes with the seasons but is always magical with lots of foliage.

The Mother Road – a great Route 66/rural style sim.

Eternidad – lots of open, green space here.

Lula – a gorgeous, French-inspired shopping district with lots of gorgeous colors.

Empress and Hierophant – vast green countryside with rain showers and plenty of walking paths.

Mystara – underwater world perfect for mermaids.

Van – lots of greenery.

The Ferry by AM Radio  – ferry surrounded by water

Las Arenas Rosadas – tropical beach with lots of sand and surf.

Gulf of Lune – grassy marshland

Lusiadas – green, countryside

Forgotten City – old, European style city.

The Untroubled Sounds – docks and greenery

Surface – train rolling through the countryside.

Solaris – castle

Ponderosa Ranch – farmland with greenery and country-style buildings

Pixel Bean – green countryside

Stepford – gated housing community

Crommhold – lots of flowers and trees.

Ode – lots of flowers and trees.

Illusory – shopping area with stone walkways… seasonal.

New Trail – garden shop with lots of trees



One Response to “Places To Go”

  1. Aw cool I will have to try the places on your list Caelan!

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